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Martin - America's Guitar - Since 1833, C.F. Martin & Co. has been a permanent part of the American experience:  The oldest, most respected, most innovative guitar in American history.  Blending hand craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology, Martin guitars remain unsurpassed in tone, playability, quality and enduring value.

The Martin Guitar - America's Guitar.  Your Guitar !

Martin Guitars History (Wikopedia)




Below are the models we currently stock or try to have in stock.  However, please call ahead for availability.  Thanks

Performing Artist Series 

                              Martin OMCPA5                                                          Martin GPCPA5                                                                Martin OMCPA4

Listen to the rich tone of the Martin GPCPA4

                          Martin GPCPA4 Shaded                                                                                             

                         Martin OMCPA1 Plus

RETRO Series       (includes Hardshell Case)

                        Martin 000-18E Retro

ROAD Series

                             Martin DRSGT

Special Editions Series       (includes Hardshell Case)

                    Martin 000-C Nylon (12 Fret)


Standard Series       (Prices include Hardshell Case)

                                  Martin D18                                                                      Martin D28                                                                       Martin D35

                                Martin HD28

JUNIOR Series   




   Martin - America's Guitar.  Each generation needs its own way to express its view, its feelings, its hope.  For over 175 years Martin Guitars have played the anthems of change - cultural, political and musical.  You come up with the words and music: we'll come up with the right guitar to express it. -   It's your turn.


Sustainable Woods Series      (Prices include Hardshell Case)

                              Martin SWOMGT                                                            Martin SWDGT


15 Series    (Prices include Hardshell Case)

                            Martin 00015SM                                                         Martin DC15ME                                          


16 & 17 Series       (Prices include Hardshell Case)

                                Martin D16GT                                                    Martin 00017SM   


X Series     (Prices Do Not Include Case)

                             Martin DX1AE                                                       Martin 000X1AE                                                         Martin DX1KAE

                               Martin D12X1AE


Custom Signature Editions     (Includes Padded Gig Bag)

                Martin Elvis Presley LX Short Scale                              Martin LX Ed Sheeran 2


Little Martin Series     (Includes Padded Gig Bag)

                                  Martin LX1E


Backpacker Series        (Includes Padded Gig Bag)












 Limited and Collectors Editions (Includes Hardshell Case)



Ukuleles        (Includes Padded Gig Bag) 







Trivia:  In 1916, Martin named their new "Dreadnought" design after a......







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