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As we said on our home page, we are now the Tulsa area's oldest music store still owned and operated by its founder.  In October, 1978, Ray Firey opened a 600 square foot music studio for music lessons west of Sand Springs-naming the business after the family gospel group (comprised of him and his brothers) who regularly sang in the area at the time.  Firey Bros. Music quickly grew from its orgins as a music studio into a retail music store when students started requesting musical accessories.  Since that time in 1978, Ray has witnessed many changes along the way.  As Firey Brothers had up to three locations at one time in earlier years, they now just have one Tulsa location at 516 S. Sheridan owned and operated by the one who started it all, the original founder, Ray Firey.*

*Since we are asked about this on a regular basis, we thought we would give the background on the location we used to own in Sand Springs (which is now Firey Music and Lessons).  Wanting to scale back to the one location in Tulsa, Ray Firey sold what was Firey Brothers Music, merchandise and building, to his brother John Firey and his son Jonathan Firey in 2006.  John had previously partnered with Ray at Firey Brothers Music for seven years from 1980 until 1987.  John operated his new store independently from the original store under the mutually held family name and called it Firey Music.  In 2014, that location was sold by John Firey and Jonathan Firey to Tina Bill who changed the name slightly to Firey Music and Lessons.  To conclude, the original Firey Brothers Music (founded in 1978) has not been associated with that location, Firey Music since 2006 and Firey Music and Lessons (run by the Tina Bill and the Bill family) since 2014, but with the similarity in names, this association is often assumed.  Hope that clears up some of the name confusion.



Here is a brief overview of the product lines we carry:

Audio Gear  -  We carry a full line of in-store Peavey Audio components and also carry some Fender Audio.  Besides those lines we carry quite a few components in lines that do not have their own pages.  Everything from wireless mics, wired microphones, speakers, processors and a wide assortment of audio accessories.  You will find these audio components on our new Audio Gear page.  (For years, under our Firey Brothers Pro Audio division run by David D. Smith Services, we have compiled a list of many, many audio installations in churches, schools, companies and organizations.

Electric Guitars  -  We have a full line of Fender Electric Guitars and Fender Squier Electric Guitars and Fender Electric Basses (See the Fender page on this website.)

We also have a few other models in Austin Electric Guitars, Stagg Electric Guitars, Hagstrom Electric Guitars, Washburn Electric Guitars and Peavey (see page)

Amplifiers and Effects  -  We have a full line of Fender Guitar and Bass Amplifiers and a few Peavey Amps and also carry guitar effects that our found on our new Audio Gear page (still incomplete but under construction).

Acoustic Guitars  -  We have a full line of Fender Acoustic Guitars, Martin Acoustic Guitars, Oscar Schmidt Acoustic Guitars and Washburn Acoustic Guitars.

We also have a few other models in Angel Lopez Acoustic Guitars, Jasmine Acoustic Guitars, Johnson Acoustic Guitars, Lucida Acoustic Guitars and Peavey.


Banjos & Mandolins  We always have several models of banjos and mandolins in stock.  We carry Fender Banjos, Recording King Banjos and Fender Mandolins plus Washburn Banjos and Washburn mandolins.   We also have a couple Hondo Mandolins and Savannah Mandolins and a Loar Mandolin.


Ukuleles  -  We have a large assortment of ukuleles....probably the best in Tulsa.  We carry Amahi Ukuleles, Fender Ukuleles, Oscar Schmidt Ukuleles, Kilauea Ukuleles, Kala Ukuleles plus a couple high end Martin Ukuleles.  Our stock fluctuates frequently, so please call to check out stock.

Other Acoustic Instruments  -  We carry Oscar Schmidt Latin Instruments such as Bajo Quintos, Requintos, and Bajo Sextos.  We also carry Mountain Dulcimers and occasionally Hammered Dulcimers.  We also have Resonator Square Neck and Round Neck Guitars.  We also try to stock the Oscar Schmidt Autoharp.  We also have Concertinas in stock most of the time.


Keyboards  -  We carry a full line of Casio Keyboards and the higher end Casio Privia Keyboards and Digital Pianos.


Percussion -  We have one or two drum sets usually in stock, but do carry a full line of percussion accessories.


Used & Consignment Shop  -  We are quite successful consigning musical items for people and also received many used items in trade.  (See Page on this Website.)   On Consignments, Firey Brothers Music receives 25% of the the agreed-to asking price, but besides advertising on our Used and Consignment page, we also list (and successfully sell) some items on Reverb to give more exposure.  Depending on what we have in stock in the store at the time, we are selective, but this is a trouble-free way for a customer to sell guitars and equipment.




















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