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We know you have choices in musical merchandise.  Thanks for looking at our site!  We are the Tulsa area's oldest music store still owned and operated by its founder.  In October, 1978, Ray Firey opened a 600 square foot music studio for music lessons west of Sand Springs-naming the business after the family gospel group (comprised of him and his brothers) who regularly sang in the area at the time.  Firey Bros. Music quickly grew from its orgins as a music studio into a retail music store when students started requesting musical accessories.  Since that time in 1978, Ray has witnessed many changes along the way.  But, all these years later, he and the team at Firey Brothers Music continue to provide friendly, trustworthy service to Tulsa and surrounding areas. Firey Bros. Music is not your average fly-by-night e-commerce site.  They're still an old fashioned "brick and mortar" store with a passion for music and a preference for people over profits.

At Firey Bros. Music, we know that there's a music store out there that claims to be a great center of guitars.  But do they know you by name and can you stand the noise and high pressure sales?  There's even a mail order site that claims to be your friend.  But will they loan you a piece of equipment when you need it!  Are they a friend in need or in name only?

Firey Bros. Music is a family operated store with some great products, some great people (who have been here for 15 to 20 years), some good prices - (sometimes lower than the big guys!) and great service - which often has more bearing on value than price.  Everyday, we have customers at our counter who have been all over town and tell us they like our store best and appreciate the fact that we are helpful and do not have a condescending attitude toward them.

If you haven't experienced the "Firey Brothers Charm", give us a chance to prove ourselves, and we will try our best to earn your trust and your business.  Thanks.

Thanks Tulsa, for voting Firey Bros. Music "The Absolute Best of Tulsa" in the 2011 music store category in the Urban Tulsa Weekly.  Quoting their magazine "If Firey Bros. were a band, its owners would be busy booking a legacy arena tour and working on a third "Best Of" album.  Established in 1978, they must be doing something right in the competitive world of Instruments in a music-lovin' town."  Thanks again Tulsa, for this vote of confidence!





Firey Bros. Music recently had a brief share of the lime light in a nationally broadcast commercial shown for the ACM Country Music awards on CBS in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 3rd. (Last year's show was seen by approximately 16 million, so we were honored and flattered to play a part, however small it was.) The RAM Truck people picked items from our store (a sales receipt and FBM postcard) to represent the "Tulsa-Garth Brooks" connection (country stars and their home towns) in a random collage of items shown during the commercial about Garth and other country stars. Garth has been in our store a few times over the years and the sales receipt happens to be an actual Garth Brooks receipt we gave them to use. Thanks RAM, the main ACM sponsor, for asking Firey Bros. Music to represent Tulsa and Garth in your hometown commercial.

A Video Link is here:  ACM Ram Truck Commercial with Firey Bros. Receipt


About Our Email Policy:  We hope to start sending out more e-news on a regular basis - but still never so much that you grow weary hearing from us.  As anyone could tell you currently on our list, we do not flood your in-box on a daily basis.  Our emails are few and far between other than a few more sent around the Christmas season.  The times we do email, we always endeavor to fill you in on great product specials or news we think you'd like to know.  (We at Firey Bros. Music value your interest and want those on our email list to read our choice mailings and not automatically hit the "delete" key when they receive an email from us.)   We also do not share the information you give us.  However,  in order to keep our email list current and relevant, we will remove any email addresses from our list showing UNOPENED status after several mailings.  Again, thanks for signing up for our periodic mailings and for your interest.




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